For a quick video tutorial on how to manage HEPs and track patient recovery, click here:

1. Click on a care plan from the dashboard screen to view the care plan details.

2. Monitor the patient’s detailed adherence report.

3. To change a care plan, click “Modify Care Plan.” You can add/remove exercises or change the exercise details such as reps, sets, etc.

4. Click on “Discharge Patient” once patients have completed their recovery. If you discharge a patient, you will still have the option to re-open the care plan in the future.

5. You can also edit patient details and toggle SMS reminder preferences from this screen.

HEALIGO PRO TIP: If you notice low adherence levels, get in touch with your patients and modify their care plans according to their needs.

6. Monitor pain/difficulty trends over specified time periods and utilize patient-reported data to adjust treatment plans.

HEALIGO PRO TIP: If a patient records high pain levels consistently, consider changing the exercise details (sets, reps, etc.) in order to reduce the difficulty. Remember, the ideal Pain/Difficulty chart should show decreasing pain levels with increasing difficulty.