For a quick video tutorial on how to prescribe HEPs, click here:

To set up a new care plan, click “Create Care Plan” on the dashboard screen.

A.1. On the exercises screen, choose from over 3,000 exercise tutorials in our library.

A.2. Refine your search by entering keywords, or by other parameters such as body part, position, etc.

A.3. Click the “play” button at the top-left of each video to preview the exercise.

A.4. To add an exercise, click the green “+” button located at the bottom-right. Remove the exercise by clicking the red “X” button.

A.5. To add a custom exercise not in our library, click “Add Custom Exercise”.

A.6. Click “Save & Continue” and proceed to the care plan details screen.

B.1. Create a custom care plan name – this will help to easily remember the care plan details when browsing the dashboard.

B.2. Assign the recommended number of sets, reps, etc. for each exercise.

B.3. If necessary, enter custom instructions for an exercise.

B.4. Click “Assign to Patient” and proceed to the patient details page.

C.1 Enter the required patient details. To select a current patient, click “Find Existing Patient”.

C.2. Remind the patients to complete their exercises. Set reminder times and select the appropriate notification preferences for your patient.

C.3. Click “Create Care Plan”.

HEALIGO PRO TIP: Before setting reminders, check with your patients first and find a time that works for them!

D.1. A unique Care Plan ID will be generated for the HEP once it has been assigned to a patient. The patient will have to enter this Care Plan ID on their smartphone in order to access the HEP.

D.2. Print out a paper copy of the care plan if the patient does not have access to a smartphone.

D.3. Follow the on-screen instructions to stay connected with your patient’s recovery.