How do you ensure that only specific people can access the app/ that the app is secure?
  • Everyone working with the app (everyone on the Healigo team, including contractors) has undergone rigorous HIPAA training. Healigo is also running in HIPAA compliant servers because we take security seriously. The app is only available to patients given the specific login information.
Is there a way to sync or export my patient's data onto our own clinic's database?
  • Please contact us for more information.
What happens when my free trial expires? Will I lose all of my patients's data?
  • Since we never ask you for a credit card upon signing up for a free trial, you will not be charged for anything and no automatic subscription will occur. All of your data will remain in the app but will be unaccessible to anyone unless you decide to subscribe to the app.
Is the patient required to delete the app when their rehabilitation is completed?
  • No, the patient can always look back at the exercises through the app, however, they will no longer receive alerts from Healigo.