How do you know Healigo works?
  • We've had various pilot trials with different clinics, and we collected feedback not only from the PT, but also from their patients. We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from both parties.
Are you only available to PT clinics?
  • At the moment, our focus is on outpatient PTs and their patients. However, patients who are done with their PT sessions can always refer back to the app for the exercises if they would like.
What is the specific name for the app in the Apple iTunes App store?
  • "Healigo physical therapy engagement platform" under Healigo Inc. 
Is the app available in other languages?
  • At the moment, the app is only available in English. 
Is there a limit on how many patients I can have on the app?
  • Nope! You can have as few or as many as your would like.
What if I want to add one of my own custom exercise videos?
  • Feature will become available in the future.
How many exercises are there to choose from?
  • Over 3,000
Is there a way to search for a specific exercise?
  • Yes! If you know what exercise you are looking for you can enter key words into the search bar to narrow your selection.
Is there a way to preview the exercise video before assigning it?
  • In the upper left hand corner of each exercise there is a grey play button that you can click on to preview.
What if a patient does not have a smartphone to work with?
  • Its can create the care plan for their patient and print out our "printer-friendly" version of the exercises. In the future this print out will also have spaces for the patient to record all of their data manually, and the PTs will be able to enter this data onto the clinic portal in order to track the patient's progress.
Will Healigo ever be available for other types of devices? Computers, tablets, etc.?
  • Our team is currently working on perfecting the interface for smartphones and iPads, and is adding Androids to the mix. Once that is complete, there is a possibility that the app will be accessed through multiple platforms.
Is wifi currently needed to access the videos?
  • No, but 4G is recommended for the best user experience.
Is this app only available in the U.S. app store?
  • Currently we are only working with PT clinics in the U.S.